CPB Compliance

KCIE CSG Transparency Requirements

1. Senior Management
a. Station Manager – Romaine Wood
b. Program Director – Mariah Elote

2. Board of Directors
a. Jicarilla Apache Tribe Tribal Council

3. Community Advisory Board
Jicarilla Apache Tribe is a Sovereign Nation with its own adopted constitution.

4. Open Meetings
Tribal Council meets the first week of every month.

5. Audited Financial Statements
Does Not Apply

6. Information about how to obtain copies of annual financial reports
To request copies Contact: Romaine Wood, KCIE, rwood02@hotmail.com

7. IRS Form 990
a. Indian tribal governments are exempt from filing ORS form 990, Revenue Procedure 95-48 1995-2 C.B. 418

8. If Grantee is not required by IRS to file an IRS Form 990, compensation information, unless prohibited by law, comparable to the information outlined in the IRS Form 990 Part VII A, and contractor compensation in IRS Form 990 Part VII B
a. Does Not Apply

9. Donor Privacy:

β€œIn accordance with federal and state laws regarding donor privacy and data security, KCIE does not disclose donor information to third parties nor rent donor information to, or exchange such information with political organizations and/or candidates.”